About Us

Company Overview

With the customer service alerts, SMS-based marketing campaigns, and updates we have helped over 165,000 businesses. We have a team of employees who knows about the marketing schemes and the strategies. To become the most used communication tool in existence we have evolved the once humble mobile phone.

Omatics Digital has been at the forefront of business mobile messaging over the last nine years.

To meet the real business needs We have an in-house, award winning technical team to innovate and build tools optimized for delivery on mobile phones there is nothing better than that. Every day we deal with various businesses. The challenges you face we know all of it and understand your needs.

We emphasis on the ease of your use, integration and efficiency and at the same time we match our service and customize according to your requirement and the budget. Keeping in mind some really useful added extras such campaign management, analytics, ticketing, attachments, surveys, tracking and much more we have built our own messenger platform.

We have a team of passionate, dedicated and trustworthy growing staffs who believe in completely the work on the specified time and know how Text local can revolutionize the communication structure of any business. We know as a Text local we are an exciting company to be involved with on any level as the awards keep coming in and our customers remain extremely satisfied.