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Email Marketing

Bulk Email Service

EMAIL MARKETING might include discount, offer on first purchase, special offers during festive sessions, magazine articles, hints and tips, private sales and much more. Email Marketing is also used to send the news updates to build the brand awareness, loyalty, and trust with the customers.

One of the most cost-effective activities for marketing is EMAIL MARKETING. To boost the sale of our clients we have designed a fully managed EMAIL MARKETING services. To re-use and customize the template we have designed it to be effective and matches to a quality. Based on classic analysis like monetary value, frequency and recency we can set up targeted customer segments. We also provide the feature like bounce-backs and unsubscribes in each email that is sent through our service that allows managing the responses. To manage email campaigns we offer a comprehensive set of tools and high deliverability and have been a market-leading best of breed services.

We offer a prominent solution for marketing through email like transactional email, bulk email and much more. One of the fast and flexible way to reach to the existing customer and make new relationships with coming customers we provide the quality service of EMAIL MARKETING that matches to your needs and budget at the same time. The benefit of using email for marketing-you do not have to pay extra money for printing posters and pamphlets. You can customize and personalize your email in-house and create your own design.

Omatics offers two types of Bulk Email service; Transactional Bulk email Service and Marketing Bulk email Service. Our company starts your campaign within an hour by using few easy steps:

  • Create and customized emails We have built in templates or designs. By the help of our technical person one can easily create Professional Newsletters, Campaigns, and Announcements within a minute.
  • Build your Email list After installation of mass email software, you get access to manage, build and edit your email list.
  • Send your campaign Our software allow you to send email from anywhere. We provide you out of office access facility also. You can send email with standing time option also.
  • Track your campaign We have multiple report option like delivered, bounced, viewed, subscribed etc, which gives you an exhaustive analysis of your campaign.

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