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PPC services in India

The Omatics Stand offers one of the best PPC services in India. Pay per click services, are important as they can help showcase your business on keywords, websites and videos. We make sure the ads reach the right demographics and buyer persona you might be targeting. Therefore, we generate great CTR and conversion rates leading to ppc optimisation of campaign.

We take pride, in associating ourselves with businesses who are looking to grow rapidly. Our services are one of the cheapest in the industry with guaranteed quality. We accept payments through PayUMoney which guarantees your money would be safe.

As a PPC agency in India, we offer a wide range of ppc services. Our services include Searh Advertising, Display, advertising, social media advertising, Google Shopping Ads and Mobile Advertising.

Our services are not only for enterprise, we offer ppc for startups and ppc for small businesses as well. Everyone requires new clients and the best method to get them from day 1 is reaching the audience directly using Ads.

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We offer the Best PPC Services in India

As a ppc agency, we make sure that customer generates maximum ROI

  • Search Advertising
    Search advertising campaign helps place your ads on Google Search along with partner websites which would like to display text ads
  • Display Advertising
    Display advertising is a powerful advertising method which comprises of images and videos for advertising on websites
  • Google Shopping Ads
    Google Shopping Ads Campaign helps e-commerce businesses to generate sales for our products
  • Social Media Ads
    Social Media Ads helps generate revenue and visibility on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc

How we work?

We follow the following steps to make sure the campaign is successful

  • Keyword Research
    We will do extensive keyword research using the help of advanced tools and then suggest which keywords can be suitable to help you generate maximum conversion rate.
  • Text Ad Creation
    Unique and compelling text ad can help grab the attention and generate better click through rates
  • Landing Page Optimisation
    We help you select the best landing page to drive effective conversions which will ultimately help in generating more revenue
  • Bid Management
    We will try to effectively manage bids and generate conversions at the best possible prices
  • PPC Monitoring and Reporting
    We will continuously monitor your campaign to effectively drive it to success. We will provide you with reports on the efforts made.
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