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Voice SMS Services

VOICE MESSAGING is a message that is pre-recorded to be sent through a call format. The voice locution is activated when your phone receiver receives a call. It is mostly used for promotional update, reminders or event invitations. For prices update and announcements such as regulatory compliance, this voice messaging is used. We also provide a communication system that is called hotkey transfer and involves call transfer system. By pressing a button at any time of the locution your call is allowed to be attended at the moment by a customer care, individual or any business advisory.

This is one of the notched organization is highly applauded by the clients for its novelty communication system. Just in few seconds the VOICE MESSAGING system offered by this organization distributes high impact advertising campaign. The features of the system can be matched to any other service provider and it includes recording, scheduling, direct voice mail, and call transfer. It also has the fully customizable feature by which you can record your choice of audio message for voice messages and leave messages as well. One of the best services that our organization renders is of GMS that converts text to speech and perform recording with text to speech system.

The VOICE MESSAGING system rendered by us easily record a high-quality voice broadcast that can be sent to the contacts on your phone. The clients can instantly save the recorded audio messages that store it in a pre-recorded mp3 format for further usages. To both voicemail and live answer, the audio can be delivered by just selecting the pre-saved audio form of message.

It is not possible to keep a phone on hand all the time, therefore, a VOICE MESSAGING is used to broadcast your messages that are informative and recorded in a unique way. Our voice messaging system also allows you to ear your own voice to know how it would appear on the other side of your subscriber by testing it to yourself before sending. All these features are offered by us and designed in a way that matches the requirement of our clients and to their budget as well.

Features of our Voice SMS service:

  • Outbound Dialer (OBD) service makes avail of multiple phone calls at instance.
  • We provide retry facility to complete a call in case of user’s phone is busy or not reachable.
  • Our system can convert your text message into speech (more than 20 languages) speedily. You can customize message according your need.
  • Cut down man power by setting a voice answer machine. You can load answers on your voice also like “I will call you after some time”, etc.
  • We have call scheduling option also by which you can schedule date and time of your campaign calls.

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