Voice Message Services

Voice Message Services
Voice Message Services

Voice Message Services

A process by which a person or organization sends a pre-recorded message to a list of contacts without the need to manually dial each number. At Omatics Digital we provides, An automated voice message services which delivers these messages within minutes, and also provides the ability to deliver a customized message if the call reaches voicemail, and to request touch-tone responses from recipients.

In Delhi, voice SMS services are widely used by both people and businesses to communicate with their clients. These free voice messaging have several other uses besides delivering announcements over the phone, their most popular application. Some voice chat applications offer tools to keep you organized, check your money, or even keep tabs on your dietary consumption.

Omatics Digital’s affordable voice messaging is intended for various purposes, including political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, stock alerts, EMI alerts, and other uses. You can utilize it according to your needs and specifications. 

You may broadcast pre-recorded Voice SMS to any mobile or landline network in the nation by using Omatics Digital voice message services in Delhi NCR. Bulk voice calls use computer-managed lists to simultaneously dial many numbers while automatically playing a pre-recorded message to phone landline or mobile numbers. Bulk phone calls are a communication method that gives you the advantage of reaching many customers.

You may even leave voicemails for your loved ones from the comfort of your living room. You will get in touch with them immediately, even if they are at work or travelling. They are not only spared from being harassed by calls at such delicate moments, but it is also more convenient.

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Looking For A Voice Message Services In DELHI NCR To Record, schedule, and send your voice broadcast ?

Use Our Voice Messaging systems with Voice Message Broadcasting to grow and sustain their businesses.

  • Customized Audio Delivery : Play message “A” when the person picks up and play message “B” when it goes to voicemail. Deliver the right message.
  • Voicemail & Live Answer Only Options : Customize your voice blasts with two messages: one for a live pickup and an alternative message for voicemail. CallFire’s Voice Messaging system is a web-based, automatic outbound dialing solution that initiates automated phone calls to deliver a pre-recorded phone message.
  • Live Transfers & Call Forwarding : Give voice broadcast recipients the option to be transferred directly to a live agent to place or order, confirm an appointment or any other activity.


Your mobile number will be displayed as the caller ID only if you pay for the call’s submission and answer.

  1. Unlimited Validity
  2. Delivered 100% on Non-DND/DND
  3. Call Time: 30 Seconds.
  4. 100% Delivery Ratio
  5. Site Panel
  6. Uploading Excel (Quick)
  7. Delivery Period: 0–4 hours
  8. Better Send Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  9. Simple to Use
  10. Answer Call Length
  11. Option for Campaign Retry
  12. Option for Multiple Caller IDs
  13. Landline Delivery Also
  14. possibility for automatic rescheduling of missed calls
  15. Status: Busy, Hung, or Not Received
  16. Phone Support
  17. WAV Voice Format
  18. No-cost trial account
  19. No Additional Fee
  20. Distribution to All Number
  21. No-cost trial account
  22. Instant Activation Time

The main benefit of working with us is that we give you quick access to many targeted individuals. One of the top providers of Voice SMS Services and Bulk Voice Call Services in Delhi is Omatics Digital. We are situated in Delhi and serve clients all around the nation with effective and efficient services. We are aware of the TRAI requirements, and you are permitted to send promotional-free SMS notifications to current clients, customers, employees, etc. Customers may receive updates on any of your goods and services. We see that buzz is built around your goods and services.

Advantages of using voice SMS services

  1. Add voice to your messages to expand their substance.
  2. Record your voice message to add more emotion to the interaction.
  3. With a single click, you may send a customized voicemail message to each of your contact

Why go for Delhi’s top voice call SMS services?

Many voice messaging services with capabilities for people looking for the ideal app may be found in Delhi. Voice message service in Delhi NCR may be just what your company needs if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner having trouble building a following and turning a profit. We provide voice message service in Delhi NCR at an affordable price in Delhi, and our bulk voice call services in Delhi enable automated call recording, so users may send audio messages rather than phoning or texting someone directly. Your workday won’t be interrupted, which has been shown to boost productivity by up to 200%.

We are the best place to help you with quality services so that you can grow and enjoy getting more from your customers. We are here to guide you with the best so that you can reach out to more audiences and tell them about your services. Our voice messaging service is known for offering the best so that the clients can enjoy the right experience of your business. 

100% Responsive UI

Technology advancement is a fact in today’s ultra-modern society. Thus its results don’t appear out of the ordinary either.

Analytics & Reports

Report on Crystal Clear Delivery with Live Status Our Advance DLR assures that your SMS was sent or not.

Numerous Caller ID

For voice broadcasting, you can make use of your mobile number. Your phone number is changeable at any moment.

Put audio files online

Put audio files online. Wav file types are accepted. Before submitting a voice SMS, ensure the audio is loud and clear.

High Scalability

Because of the cloud, our system is incredibly scalable, enabling us to increase our processing capacity at any moment.

Short-Term Contract

Our customers pay for only used services. We’ll provide our recommendations as the best services to help you out.  Get in touch with the team of Omatics Digital, and we will be there to help you out. We offer the best services as a voice messaging agency near me at affordable prices. All you need to do is to give us a call, and we are here for your assistance. 


Reasons to Choose Our Voice Messaging Service

We are ready to deliver a Voice Messaging service. We look forward to the opportunity to guide your business to succeed online.

Is it legal to send voice messages?

Yes, it is legal to send voice messages to your audience. You can let us know about the services you want to inform us about and we will help you out. 

How many people can I send voice messages to?

This completely depends on the package and the budget that you want us to workout for you. We can help you with reaching out to the maximum people easily. 

Will voice messaging help in the growth of my audience?

Of course, when you reach a number of people then they will like to click on the link and check out the services. This will eventually lead to an increase in your audience. 

Contact Us Now. We Have Served Leading Brands in Delhi NCR. Our rendered Voice Messaging Service are appreciated in Delhi.

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Bulk SMS Services

Enjoy the most affordable Bulk SMS marketing services from a reputable Rohini consultancy. Your quest for a reputable bulk messaging service company in Rohini may have an answer. Omatics Digital is a Leading SEO and website designer company.